Notes of 2-min Speech and Poster Presentation

The Presenters of 2-min speech

1. 洪存賢2. 黃郁茗3. 張耿禎4. 田章靖5. 潘彩雲
6. 陳冠宏7. 魏雋瑀8. 何俐萱9. 蔡皇龍
  1. Presenters are required to be at presentation venue before 12:40 on Nov 28.
  2. The students or assistants will give their speech by 1:35 p.m.-2:05 p.m. on Saturday, November 28th.
  3. The speech can be delivered in Chinese or English and should end in 2 minutes.
  4. Please prepare a slide (only one slide)
  5. All of the presenters will be awarded the 2015 Plant Biology 2 minutes speech certificate of participation.

Poster Display

November 28 Saturday 13:00~ November 29 Sunday 16:00
3F Hallway, HSS Building, Academia Sinica

Poster Presentation

November 28 Saturday 15:30~18:00
4F Hallway, HSS Building, Academia Sinica

The presenters of the ODD-numbered posters are required to be at their posters in the first 50 minutes, and the EVEN-numbered presenters are required to be at their posters in the second 50 minutes, and the ALPHABET-number presenters are required to be at their posters in the last 50 minutes.

Notes of poster presentation
  1. There are total 94 posters submitted.
  2. There are 3 reviewers to score on each poster.
  3. Each presenter will have 15 minutes to present for each reviewer.(10 minutes presentation & 5 minutes Q/A)
  4. The Presentations will be judged in three categories: Delivery and Effectiveness 50%, Content 40% and Format 10%.
  5. The poster should be displayed at the exhibit/poster hall before 13:00 and the oral presetations will be held by 15:30~18:00 on November 28,2015.
  6. All posters must be removed fromthe exhibit/poster hall before 16:00 on November 29, 2015, if not will be discarded.